USB C Hub, UtechSmart Triple Display USB Type C Adapter Docking Station with 2 HDMI, VGA, Power Delivery Type C Port,SD TF Card Reader, 4 USB Ports USB-C Dock Compatible for MacBook, Other USBC Laptop


  • Industry leading pioneers with worldwide patent: this is the first Triple display capable USB C hub available on the market today. Our UtechSmart innovation USB C hub is designed from rolled aluminum to be durable yet lightweight making this an ideal portable docking station. Multi-display has been a major challenging technical issue in USB C hub industry, UtechSmart conquers this technical barrier and provides more interface options to expand your MONITORS.
  • Triple display flexibility: Triple display modes Boost your efficiency 3 times. UtechSmart triple display hub supports single and dual HDMI displays up to 3840x2160@30Hz, or triple displays up to 1920x1080@60Hz. Three display mode options available (mirror mode, extend mode & video wall mode. ). Attention: OS system(Apple laptop) doesn't support extend mode. One of HDMI port only could mirror the VGA port's Display.
  • Ultra portable & discreet powerful workstation: We designed the UtechSmart USB C hub to be slim and compact without any compromise on accessibility. Lighten your load and ditch the extra cable adapters, consolidate them with this USB C hub! The slim portable design of the UtechSmart USB C hub equips with Thunderbolt 3 port (supports PD charging), Gigabit RJ45 port, two 4K capable HDMI ports, VGA port, SD/TF card slot, 2x USB 3. 0 Ports and 2x USB 2. 0 Ports. With simple plug and play connectivity, This USB C hub turns any MacBook or USB C capable PC laptop into a mobile workstation!
  • PD 3. 0 (power delivery) technology & smart safety: The UtechSmart USB C hub is rated at 87W and supports power Delivery 3. 0 technology (backwards compatible with PD 2. 0) which allows significantly shortened charging times when compared to a non-pad charger. This USB C hub is equipped with our next generation intelligent microchip which provides a slew of safety features including: internal overload protection, over-volt protection, short circuit protection, voltage regulation, temperature protection, and over-current protection. With these comprehensive protection strategies, feel safe when your devices are connected to the UtechSmart USB C hub!
  • Advanced networking & blazing fast data transfers: both power users and gamer will appreciate the plug and play instant access to the blazing fast 1000M Ethernet port. Download movies quicker, transfer files faster, reduce latency in games. The UtechSmart USB C hub is Ultra fast with speeds of 5Gbps for 2x USB 3. 0 Ports, one SD and ONE TF card slot, extra 2x USB 2. 0 Ports for your keyboard, mouse, or charging devices. Ensure the Wi-Fi connection more stable. 
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UtechSmart Triple Display 11 in 1 USB C Hub

Innovative Smart USB C Hub

A stylish and portable companion for your USB C laptops/ phones.

Multi-display has been a major challenging technical issue in usb c hub industry, UtechSmart conquers this technical barrier and provides more interface options to expand your monitors.

Safer and Durable

Using exclusive multi-protection systems ensure over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection and high-temperature protection.

Technical Specifications:

  • 2 * HDMI port
  • 1 * VGA port
  • 2 * USB 3.0 Type-A Ports
  • 2 * USB 2.0 Type-A Ports
  • 1 * PD USB C Charging Port
  • 1 * SD Card Slot
  • 1 * Micro SD Card Slot
  • 1* Gigabit Ethernet Port

    Incomptatible devices:

    • MSI and Acer all series(Video signal can't be transmitted)
    • Dell all series
    • Lenovo C Series and Yoga Series(Can't pass power)
    • Ipad Pro 2018,Nitendo Switch
    • Surface Book 2(Can't pass power)

Temperature Control

Using the leading Display chip achieves three screen display at the same time. Advanced internal components keep the hub cool during operation.

Control the temperature under 45℃.

Fast Data Transfer & Stable Connection

2 USB 3.0 Ports with 5Gbps data transfer rate and 4.5W (5V/900mA) Power output.

2 USB 2.0 Ports are better for mouse, keyboard or other low rate devices. Make the WIFI Connection more stable.

Note:When connecting an external hard drive or multiple devices to this hub, connect your laptop's power adapter to the USB-C Power Delivery port.

Blazing-fast Charging Speed

87W usb c power delivery will shorten the charging time with supporting Power Delivery 3.0. (Backward compatible with PD 2.0) Double faster than non-pd.

Note:The USB Type-C PD Charging port of this product is only for charging USB-C laptops whose USB-C port supports USB Power Delivery (PD). The USB Type-C PD Charging port of this product does not support data transfer.

Power is shared between all dock-connected USB C devices. If you would like to enjoy the fast charge, please choose over 72W Adapter to charge it.

RJ45 1000M Ethernet Port

Supports 1000Mbps Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet port, backwards compatible with 100Mbps/10Mbps RJ45 LAN.


If your MacBook is the first time to use the ethernet port, Macbook needs to be set up as follows:

Click ‘System Preferences’ - 'Network', click '+' and selecting usb 10 / 100 / 1000 LAN to create an application (click on the app to show usb usb 10 / 100 / 1000 lan green, connected successfully). Macbook accessed through wired internet at this time.


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